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Walter RatliffA curriculum vitae



Georgetown University, Washington, DC 2012 – 2018
Doctor of Liberal Studies
Dissertation: Religious Freedom and the Challenge of Pluralism, passed with distinction.

Georgetown University, Washington, DC 2004
MALS, Islam & Muslim-Christian Relations

Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL 1994
MA, International Mass Media Communications

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 1993
B.A., Religious Studies, Journalism (double major)


Professional Experience

Content Manager/Editor – National Religion Beat
Associated Press, Washington, DC    2000 – Present
Previous AP positions: Washington Producer, Lead International Producer

Adjunct Assistant Professor 
University of Maryland-University College    2011 – Present

Agile Arts Productions, Herndon, VA    1999 – Present

Mobile Video Services, Washington, DC    1997 – 2000

KOAT-TV (ABC Affiliate), Albuquerque, NM    1995 – 1997

Operations Manager/On-Air Host
KNKT – FM, Connection Communications, Albuquerque, NM    1995

Disc Jockey
KLYT – FM, Christian Broadcasting Academy, Albuquerque, NM



Books & Chapters

“The Mennonites of Khiva: A Modernizing Community,” European Mennonites and the Challenge of Modernity over Five Centuries: Contributors, Detractors, and Adapters., C.H. Wedel Historical Series, Jantzen and Sprunger, eds. N. Newton, KS: Herald Press, 2016.

“Evangelical Responses to Muslims Since the Sept. 11th Attacks,” Muslims in American Popular Culture. Omridvar and Richards, eds. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2014.

Christians and Muslims at the Epicenter: How the Sept. 11th Attacks Shook and Transformed American Evangelicalism. Herndon, VA: Agilis Press, 2011.

The Heavens: Scripture Illuminated by Astronomy. Herndon, VA: Agilis Press, 2010

Pilgrims on the Silk Road: A Muslim-Christian Encounter in Khiva. Eugene, Ore.: Wipf & Stock, 2010.

Documentary Film/Video

Through the Desert Goes Our Journey: The Mennonite Trek to Central Asia. Herndon, VA: Agile Arts Productions, 2008.

Research Consultant
Die Letzte Schlacht: Christliche Fundamentalisten in den USA. Berlin, Germany: Eikon Media GmbH, 2007.

Crisis in Kaduna: Muslim-Christian Conflict in Nigeria. Washington, DC: World Relief/Mustard Seed Foundation, 2000.

Producer, Editor
A Chance to Prosper: Microfinance Opportunities in the Philippines. Alexandria, VA: World Hope International, 1999.

“Street Gangs: Stopping a Deadly Cycle,” Videomax, Pulitzer Broadcasting Co., September 1996.

Freelance Magazine Articles

“Art in the First Person: An Author in Search of a Story,” Elan Magazine (June 2011).

“Field Work Grounded in the Classroom,” The Hoya (January 15, 2010).

“Last Oasis: The Mennonite Refuge in Khiva,” Mennonite Life 63.1 (Spring 2008).

“Congress May Merge Efforts,” Christianity Today 42.10 (September 7, 1998).

“New Religious Liberty Bill Unveiled,” Christianity Today 42.9 (August 10, 1998).

“Tithe Protection Law Signed,” Christianity Today 42.9 (10 August 1998).

“Bankruptcy Exemption Progresses” Christianity Today 42.6 (May 18 1998).

“Hell Discovered in Siberia…Not!” Cutting Edge Magazine (April 1993), 4-8.

“Access to Public Obscenity,” Cutting Edge Magazine, March 1993, 4-6.

“Culture of Death: Albuquerque’s Street Gangs,” Cutting Edge Magazine, July 1992, 1-5.


Academic Presentations and Lectures

Moderator: AP-ENPS Futures Summit Panel: “Thinking Strategically About Technology in the Newsroom.” Associated Press  15 November 2016
Washington, DC                                      

“The Role of Faith-based Organizations in Equitable Development: A Case Study from Egypt”
Hands Along the Nile Development Services Feb. 20, 2016
Alexandria, VA

Panelist: Doctor of Liberal Studies Convocation “Liberal Studies and Values: A Reflection”
Georgetown University October 2, 2015

Discussant: Libertas Workshop on Religious Freedom
Villanova School of Law July 6-8, 2015
Villanova University

Je Suis Charlie/Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie: Journalism and Religious Freedom in the Age of Charlie Hebdo”
Ethics, Media and Culture: First Freedoms and Terrorism Conference April 11, 2015
Regent University

“Muslims, Mennonites and Modernization in the Silk Road Kingdom of Khiva.”
Second Annual Graduate Liberal Studies Conference June 11, 2011
Georgetown University

Through the Desert/Pilgrims on the Silk Road: The Mennonite Trek to Central Asia
Film screening and Presentation May 28-29, 2011
Columbia Bible College & the Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia

Through the Desert/Pilgrims on the Silk Road: The Mennonite Trek to Central Asia
Film screening and Presentation April 15, 2011
Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies

“The Mennonite Trek to Central Asia: Apocalyptic Debacle or Christian-Muslim Paradigm?”
Apocalypse and its Discontents Conference Dec 11, 2010
University of Westminster, London, UK,

Panel Chair: “Apocalypse: Global Perspectives.”
Apocalypse and its Discontents Conference Dec 10, 2010
University of Westminster, London, UK

“Mennonites as Modernizers in Pre-Soviet Khiva”
Marginal or Mainstream? Anabaptists, Mennonites and Modernity in European Society Conference
Bethel College, KS June 26, 2010

Through the Desert/Pilgrims on the Silk Road
Film screening and Discussion April 6, 2010
Harvard Divinity School/CSWR


Courses Taught

Technology and Society (HUMN 344)
Myth and the World (HUMN 351)
Living Religions of the World (PHIL 127)
Introduction to the Humanities (HUMN 100)
(UMUC Advanced Teaching Certificate earned in 2012)



Advisory Council
Hands Along the Nile Development Services 2011 – Present
Alexandria, VA

Search Committee Member: Associate Dean – Graduate Liberal Studies
School of Continuing Studies 2015
Georgetown University


Fellowships, Honors, and Awards


Lilly Endowment Scholarships in Religion, Religion Newswriters Association
Funding for Doctoral Work at Georgetown University 2012 – 2014

Ph.D. Research Fellowship in Turkey
Rumi Forum 2013
Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep

Gold Medal: Nonfiction – Religion/Philosophy
National Reader’s Favorite Book Awards 2011

Emmy Award (Heartland Region), Musical Composition/Arrangement 2010
For the “Through the Desert Goes Our Journey: The Mennonite Trek to Central Asia ” Soundtrack

Research Grant
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding 2007
Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service

AP Beat of the Week
For an interactive profile of Pope John Paul II, April 2005
Associated Press

American Fellow
RIAS (Radio in the American Sector)/Berlin Commission 2000
Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels


Graduate Coursework

W=Wheaton College, G=Georgetown University, T=Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Theology & Philosophy

  • BITH 553              New Testament/Early Christian History, Elwell (W)
  • BITH 568              Theology of Communication, Webber (W)
  • BITH 651              Current Issues in New Testament, McRae (W)
  • IDS 699                Crucial Issues in Christian Thought, Cameron (T)
  • LSHV 601             Liberal Studies as a Perspective and Method, Reuscher (G)
  • LSHV 602             Love, Death and God, Sanders (G)
  • LSHV 493             Political Theology, Havrilak (G)
  • LSHV 603             Rise of the Modern Spirit, Reynolds (G)
  • LSHV 604             The Challenge of Postmodernism, Ambrosio (G)

Religious Studies

  • LSHV 397             Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations, Haddad (G)
  • LSHV 476             Islam in the World, al Faruqi (G)
  • INAF 371              Idolatry in Christianity and Islam, Cappadonna  (G)
  • INAF 418              Religion and Science in Contemporary Islam, Voll (G)
  • HIST 364              Revolutionary Thought in Islam, Esposito (G)
  • LSHS 497              Contemporary Islamic Activist Intellectuals, Voll (G)

Government/International Affairs

  • INTR 556             Leadership Development (W)
  • PSCI 378              American Foreign Relations (W)
  • LSHV 365             Comparative Values in International Relations, Voll (G)
  • LSHV 357             Religion and International Affairs, Haddad (G)
  • INAF 423              Politics of International Religious Freedom, Farr (G)
  • INAF 487              Practice and Ethics in Global Development, Marshall (G)
  • LSHV 911             Relig. Freedom and Church-State Relations (Dir. Reading), Shah (G)
  • LSHV 911             Relig. Freedom and Politics: Current Discourse (Dir. Reading), Kessler (G)


  • COMM 514         Ethics of Communication, Fackler (W)
  • COMM 511         Communication Theory, Griffin (W)
  • COMM 518         Survey Research (W)
  • COMM 588         Video Directing/Producing (W)
  • COMM 584         Radio/TV Management (W)
  • COMM 591         International Media Systems, Grant (W)
  • COMM 684         European Media Systems, Grant (W)
  • COMM 526         Writing for Ministry, Arnold (W)
  • COMM 683         Seminar in Journalism (W)

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